As a licensed bonding agent with Dallas County, the Tyson Law Firm PLLC is allowed to post bonds so their clients can get out of jail quickly!

The fee for the posting of a bond is typically 10-20% of the face amount of the bond and any additional fees the county charges to post the bond.*

The Tyson Law Firm PLLC must represent all persons it posts bonds for. Legal fees for representation are separate and above the bond fees, however any fees paid to bond a client out of jail are credited to the client's legal bill as a retainer.

If you need to get a loved one out of jail and insure they are well represented why call a bails bondsman and an attorney when you can make one call to the Tyson Law Firm and have all your needs covered?

*Collateral may be required in addition to the bond fee to secure some bond amounts.

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